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Aid for the Kharkiv Regional Perinatal Center has already arrived at the hospital!

Fundraising for a modern phototherapy lamp for newborns became a charitable component of the online triathlon competition Triathlon Support Ukraine online. Thanks to our participants and everyone who cares, we collected the required amount of UAH 131,350. Today, the phototherapy lamp is already actively used for treatment in the Kharkiv Perinatal Center.


80% of premature babies, especially those weighing less than 1,500 grams, have jaundice that needs to be treated. For effective and non-aggressive treatment, there is a special phototherapy lamp, its rays have a certain wavelength and transform harmful bilirubin into a form that is easily excreted from the body, that is, the phototherapy lamp performs the function of a mature liver. After 1-2 weeks of using the lamp, the premature baby’s liver begins to function normally, and in this way we save the baby’s brain from toxic bilirubin damage and avoid the transfusion of someone else’s blood. With the help of this lamp, a newborn can be treated with phototherapy in bed, lying on a special cover of the lamp.

Such a modern phototherapy lamp, which helps in raising premature babies, was purchased thanks to the participation of benefactors in this project.


💙We thank the charitable foundation “Svichado” for help in the implementation of the project, as well as the charity platform dobro.ua for hosting the project and creating a network of trust and mutual assistance.

💛We thank our partners, the triathlon team Sapik Team, for the successful cooperation in the Triathlon Support Ukraine online project.

💙Every contribution helps save children’s lives! Thanks to everyone who makes effort and does good deeds every day!!